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Workers’ Compensation Claims for Family Members

a male hand grasps a female hand that is holding a baby's hand

Very often, the injuries that workers sustain on the job do not affect just them. Their family must also learn to adapt to certain things that their loved ones can no longer do, even if it is just temporary. While this is normally an inconvenience to some, it is not life-changing. However, there are some ways in which you can bring your work home with you that can cause harm to your family members without you even knowing. Unfortunately, this is a bit more severe than bringing home your work laptop to fill out some extra paperwork that you are behind on.
It has been observed that some workers who deal closely with chemicals and other toxic materials have a possibility to bring these things home to their families. It is something that has been noticed quite a lot recently with the families of those who worked closely with Asbestos and similar materials which cause cancer. Before the regulations we have now, many workers would simply wear the same clothes they worked in home and then would unknowingly expose their families to the small fibers which could be breathed in.

There was a case a few years ago which saw three different North Carolina farmworkers give birth to children with an abnormality consistent with pesticide exposure. Farmworkers already are prone to more injuries than most due to the heat, constant movement, and exposure to chemicals. While they are generally healthier due to high activity and low obesity levels, the risk for injury is quite high. Although pesticides are safe in certain amounts, obviously during child development this can cause many problems. This has also been seen in women who worked in funeral homes to embalm the bodies, as the heavily regulated formaldehyde caused extensive reproductive issues due to the exposure and the height at which the bodies rested during the process.

While we can’t always claim workers’ compensation for the families of those affected, there is always a possibility to claim a third-party liability. Call Collier Law Firm today for a free consolation and see what we may be able to do for you and those you love. It is always heartbreaking to see your family suffer, regardless of the reason. We will do everything we can to make sure you get the compensation you and those you love deserve.