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A 'Bulldog' of an Attorney

I was a Registered Nurse, working in a large hospital when I suffered a shoulder and neck injury assisting with a patient transfer. At the urging of my coworkers, I hired an attorney. I had a shoulder repair and was called back to work before one month post op. I still had a lot of pain and didn’t feel ready to work. I endured 5 months of physical therapy, bullying and retaliation from my employer and then 9 months after my injury they terminated me because I could not perform my duties as an RN. They denied me unemployment and workers comp pay, stating I had quit my job, even though they had sent me a certified letter stating I was terminated. I knew that fighting a hospital who had many resources, and I having a ‘nice’ attorney who would not stand up for me, was a losing battle. Before mediation, I fired that attorney and hired Trey Collier. I wanted a ‘bulldog’ of an attorney, to stand up to the bullies at the hospital. Trey was that ‘bulldog’ and he was also very nice. He was always ready to answer any questions and was always available. I felt like he was a member of my family. In the courtroom, he had the respect of the others and he was not afraid to speak up and point out the wrong-doings of the hospital. I would highly refer him to others. He knows the law and is very easy to talk to and understand. If I could go back in time, I would have hired Trey Collier at the beginning.


I Always Felt Respected

I would highly recommend Collier Law when dealing with workers’ compensation cases. I always felt respected and tended to. Every effort was made to move things along as quickly as was feasible (workers compensation cases do not usually move along very quickly)!


Professional and Relatable

Trey was very relatable and I felt comfortable speaking with him. He is professional but comes across also as very human. He was also honest and presented realistic expectations. I enjoyed my experience with having Trey represent me.


You Were Patient

I would definitely recommend your law firm. You were patient with me. And your expertise was abundant and customer service and attention to detail was awesome.


Always Professional

I was treated with respect and was always kept well informed of any changes or requests in regards to my case. The communication between myself and Shelley was always professional. She was always professional and highly intelligent. Very knowledgeable regarding my questions or concerns about my case. She was actually fun to talk to, had a nice sense of humor yet still remained a professional. She is a real gem. (you are lucky Trey)!


He was Always Available

I hired Collier Law after a bad experience with my first attorney. I was skeptical because of all I had endured in the previous months. I wanted a ‘bulldog’ of an attorney. Trey was the perfect combination of bulldog and nice human being! He was always available to answer my questions and concerns; and extremely loyal. He treated me like family! In the courtroom, it became very obvious that he was respected. I would highly refer Trey Collier to others going into a worker’s compensation case. He knows the laws! I wish I had hired Collier Law from the beginning!


I was Treated Like a Friend

I was recently injured at work and hired Collier Law to represent me. Trey treated me like a friend; not just a client. He seemed to really care about putting me at ease. Both he and Shelby were accessible, answered my questions and were there for me every step of the way. Trey Collier is a good guy, a great lawyer and negotiated a very fair settlement for me. I highly recommend Collier Law to anyone!


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