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What Is A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

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Despite shows that depict life in crime labs and courtrooms, we get this question quite often. This is because Hollywood has a great habit to romanticize many professions, and ours is no exception. Don’t get us wrong, there are certainly times that we are able to see why our job is romanticized, but there is much more to being a lawyer than sitting in a room with our client and arguing in a courtroom until a jury is stunned into believing us. There is quite a bit of hard work that goes into what we do and the payoff, although not as glamorous as it can be in movies, is actually extremely worth every minute we spend on your case.

A lawyer, by definition, is a “licensed professional who advises and represents others in legal matters”. Despite many stereotypes, lawyers can be of any age, background, race, gender, etc. In fact, according to the American Bar Association, around one-third of all lawyers in practice today are under the age of thirty-five. Also, almost half of the law students that are working toward their degrees today are women. This means that soon, the ratio of men and women will likely balance out.

Becoming a lawyer certainly isn’t all fun and games. Again, although certain movies may make it seem easy, there is actually a lot of schooling and work that goes into becoming a lawyer. You must receive your bachelor’s degree in college (or an equivalent), complete at least three years at an accredited law school, pass a state bar examination, and a national ethics and responsibility examination. Often, you must also undergo a character review by a board to investigate your character as well before you can take your oath to uphold the law along with the federal and state constitutions. All of this must be accomplished before you can receive your license to practice.

Luckily for you, all of that has already been done by those at Collier Law. In fact, Trey Collier has had experience on both sides of the worker’s compensation table, having worked on the behalf of employers for the beginning of his legal career. Quickly, though, he realized where he really wanted to be. All of this schooling and work has been to fight for your rights and fair compensation. Give us a call and schedule your free consultation today.