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Respirators and Why You Need Them – The Workers’ Blog

the backs of two fireman wearing fire resistant gear and oxygen tanks walk side by side

While this title may sound like a sales pitch for something that we don’t provide, we want to make sure that you understand just how important a respirator is to everyday work. While obviously, not everyone will need a respirator, many people who are working outside or in construction should always have one on. While most of us think that respirators are just meant to keep the dirt out of our lungs, the truth is they can do so much more to help protect you from getting seriously sick.

A wonderful example is that of construction workers who are dealing with older buildings. Most of the structures built before a certain time used asbestos in the insulation if nothing else. If someone is working with demolition or a remodeling company, then they will most definitely need a respirator to keep not only the dust but the toxic chemicals out of their lungs as well.

Even working outside may be a reason for you to put one of those mechanisms on. There are certain diseases that are airborne that some workers may be at a higher risk of becoming exposed to. One such disease is Histoplasmosis. This is caused by a fungus that can be found in the droppings of birds and bats. Once a pile of feces is disturbed, it can release spores that then become airborne and may be inhaled by the workers. While this is a treatable disease, it can be deadly if not caught on time as it can spread through the body starting with the lungs.

This is a disorder that is not only a concern of those who work with these kinds of animals, but also with construction workers, demolition workers, heating and air conditioning installers, roofers, painters, bridge inspectors, or anyone else who may be exposed to even a moderate amount of animal droppings. This is why proper respirator use is so incredibly important.

If you have contracted a disease like Histoplasmosis, then call Collier today for your free consultation. We may not know a lot about animals or respirators, but we do know a lot about workers’ compensation and will be able to tell you whether or not you are eligible. Make sure that you file a claim and keep as much documentation as possible to ensure your chance to get everything you deserve.