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Occupational Illness

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One of the most serious yet lesser known problems that face workers today is occupational illnesses. This is a relatively new concept to hear about, but with the technology we have today, the information is far more accessible than it ever has been before. While there are well known occupational illnesses, such as mesothelioma, there are a large number of other illnesses and cancers that have been seen over the past few years that are gaining attention. The main thing that we can use to combat occupational illness after the fact is the fight for proper compensation. While we obviously wish the illness never occurred in the first place, you should have someone on your side who can help you get what you deserve once you are diagnosed.

Back in 2013, the National Council on Occupational Health and Safety published a report that gives an overview of some of the deaths that occurred at work sites in North Carolina from the previous year. Although this publication is nearly a decade old, it is still worth mentioning because it states that the official numbers are often considerably lower than the real numbers for multiple reasons, one of which is the lack of information available on occupational disease deaths. The report states that “no database collects their names”, referring to the ones that pass from occupational illness. They explain that the vast majority of people who die from this are never recognized, but they estimate that for every worker who dies from an acute injury on the job, around ten more pass from an occupational disease. While the number may not be completely accurate, every single person who dies due to their work situation deserves to be remembered, and a workplace death warrants compensation for the family of the deceased.

Here at Collier Law Firm, we believe every workers compensation claim should be honored, including those that involve an occupational illness. These go overlooked far too often, but we will fight to make sure it isn’t. We believe that your claim is just as valid as anyone’s. You should focus on getting yourself or your family member healthy, let us handle the technicalities, and work for you. Call us for your free consultation!