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Electrical Work

man wearing glasses and a white hard hat works on electrical outlet

If you have ever rubbed your feet on carpet and gotten a shock, you know about static electricity. Just that small amount of voltage can be enough to give you quite a jolt, and it isn’t very powerful at all. While there are stories of people surviving all kinds of shocks, such as being hit by lightning, you always want to take precautions with electricity. For every one story, there are at least three others that tell of someone who wasn’t anywhere near as lucky.

Electrocutions are considered one of the “Fatal Four” in working circles, which refers to the injuries and cause of deaths that occur most often in construction work. Considering the fact that about twenty percent of all workplace deaths occur in the construction industry, it should really put that number into perspective. The problem with electricity is that just about every place you can work has it, so every work place and building has the potential for a deadly occasion.

Every year, there are more injuries and fatalities caused by electrocution. You often hear about these unlucky folks and how they are leaving behind families and friends who relied on them. These deaths don’t occur because someone was inexperienced. In fact, many of the deaths are from people who have been in the construction industry for ages, but were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. When someone is killed on the job, it feels like they were punished for simply making a living. It is important these workers understand safe precautions in the workplace.

OSHA lists the three most common causes of electrocution on the job as: contact with overhead power lines (the voltage can range anywhere from 120 volts to 750,000 volts), contact with energized sources (like bare wires), and improper use of flexible/extension cords. With the voltage range so wide, it is always best to act as if any wire is live until you have the express word that all power has been cut. Even then, you should still proceed with caution.

If you or a loved one has suffered from an electrical injury or worse while on the job, call Collier Law today for a free consultation. These situations are serious, and we will speak for you and your loved ones.