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Romance and Workers Compensation - Workers' Compensation Attorney

Romance and Workers Compensation - Workers' Compensation Attorney

Romance and Workers Compensation - Workers' Compensation

February always brings up the idea and thought of love. While most work places won't see Valentine's Day celebrated beyond a few decorations, there are always exceptions. Most employment offices have a rule against relationships in the workplace, or at least illicit ones. Many companies require you to officially disclose the fact that you are dating a coworker, and they may decide to put you on different shifts or some other method of making sure that you aren't around each other on the clock. Regardless of the rules in a company, relationships still happen. Unfortunately, they don’t always have a happy ending. Such a case was seen a little over six years ago in England.

On December 8, 2014, the employees of the London Zoo were having their annual Christmas party when two women got into an altercation over a man they worked with. The argument began after Ms. Kate Sanders made a remark about Ms. Caroline Westlake’s appearance to some friends while she was in the bathroom. They ran into one another in the coatroom, and it was at that time that Ms. Sanders attempted to apologize. This, by all appearances, was a simple drunken spat. That is, at least, until it came out that Sanders was dating the llama keeper Adam Davies, who happened to be Ms. Westlake's ex. Sanders, the monkey handler, received three stitches on her face after Westlake, who was in charge of the meerkats, cut her face with a broken wine glass.

While Ms. Westlake was eventually acquitted, she had initially been found guilty of assault. She was also fired as a direct result of the incident. Due to the fact that this occurred at a work party, there was some question about whether or not it could have been considered a workers compensation claim. The question comes down to whether or not the party was mandatory, which would mean neither women had a choice in attending a location that included the both of them.

Regardless of the reason for the injury, if you have suffered from one while on the job or at a mandatory work function, call Collier Law Firm today for your free consultation. We will do all we can to make sure that you get the compensation that you deserve, regardless of any romantic entanglements that are included in the case. Make sure to keep your Valentine's Day at work, work-related!